September 24

Why Businesses Are Moving to Manchester?


Are you thinking of moving to Manchester? If so, you are just one of hundreds of thousands who have made this move in recent years. Central Working is an ideal working space in Manchester with an excellent central city view and top quality Manchester coffee from famous coffee shops such as Grindsmiths. This area has experienced growth over the past few years and offers a very desirable location to base your business in central Manchester. It also comes with the additional benefit of easy access to the rest of the city via the train.


Many of the Manchester top business and residential areas come with their own ‘manchester buzz’. By setting up your own business in Manchester, you can create an atmosphere that is conducive to business and pleasure – all while being just a short drive away from Manchester city centre. One such area where businesses can thrive is Manchester’s own Central Business District – commonly known as ‘the buzz’.


The Central Business District boasts some of the city’s best shopping centres, restaurants and hotels. This makes it a prime location for new businesses to base themselves. And with so many different businesses based in Central Business District, it has been identified as the ideal place to start-ups. With Manchester’s economic future is looking bright, the Central Business District will only continue to become a bustling and attractive central working place for the next number of years.


There are a number of factors to consider when thinking about moving to Manchester and establishing an office there. The main being, of course, the great location. Of course, if you’re setting up a business there permanently, then you know this will be key. However, what many people don’t realise is that there is a vibrant creative community based around Manchester’s city centre. These areas are experiencing a huge rise in sales and in house generated companies.


If you want to find a prime spot for your company to set itself, then why not look to Manchester’s central working regions? There are many different areas within Manchester which are experiencing a surge in companies being set-up and in establishing themselves. The two most promising are the New Towns and the City Centre. Both contain manchester coworking spaces which are perfect for entrepreneurs to set-up their businesses.


So, why is manchester experiencing such a boom in business? The answer lies in the fact that Manchester is a thriving hub of creativity. Entrepreneurs flock to this historic city looking for the stimulation that comes with having a business located here. Manchester’s business centre is brimming with activities including music festivals, exhibitions and conferences. In addition, the area is home to many top-rate universities. All of these factors combine to make manchester an ideal location for anyone looking to establish a business.


As stated before, Manchester also houses some of the biggest businesses in the world. Companies such as the Adidas group, British Gas, Next, Carlsberg and Virgin Group have set-up shop in the north of the city. The prime location, combined with all the perks it offers makes manchester an ideal location for anyone wishing to set up a business.


The benefits of owning a business in the north of Manchester are numerous. The northern quarter is just minutes from the centre of Manchester and the hub of activity and commerce. The northern quarter is home to the largest multi-storey building in the world, which houses one of the biggest advertising campaigns in the world. The Manchester International Arena, one of the largest venues in UK, is situated just beside the centre. This makes the working capital of the region invaluable to any budding entrepreneur wishing to start-up a business in the city.


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